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Students Interview each other in this First Day of School idea


Language Arts  




Title – First Day of School Interviews/Class Book
By – Laurie Ann Lawrence
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3rd

Objective: TLW learn about one another through interviewing and note taking, and introduce his/her ‘new friend’ to the class.

Assessment: Observation, review of students’ written work and oral skills.

1. Ask students to define what an interview is. Have them brainstorm reasons for interviewing people, and people they would like to interview. Have the students articulate reasons for their choices. (An ice breaking activity for the first day of school).
2. Pair children, if possible, with a classmate who is unknown to him or her. Hand out a worksheet, with prompts (ex: where born, bday, fav. Food, pets, books, etc.-dependent upon age/ability, this may be eliminated or elaborated as needed). Allow students a set amount of time to interview his/her partner. Explain the need for notes, and if necessary, do a quick review of note taking. Explain that each student will introduce his partner to the class, and field questions about their subject.
3. Allow students to interview each other, with an appropriate time limit.
4. Allow students to introduce classmate to group.
5. When all students have been ‘introduced,’ have students neatly re-write the interview paper and illustrate his/her partner. If possible, a photo of each student may be added to his/her page.
6. Collect, laminate and bind.

This is also a great activity to have out for Open House!

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