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This is another beginning / end of the year activity called “Memory Book”


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  


Title – Memory Book
By – Christina Fischer
Primary Subject РLanguage Arts 
Secondary Subjects –¬†
Grade Level – 2-5
– A variety of construction paper
– Yarn or something to bind the book
– Markers
– A class photo for each student
– A photo of the teacher and student together for each student

At the beginning of the year, I have students write about what they want to learn. To create the memory book, I make a page that reads “This is a picture of our class” and a page that reads “This is me and my teacher, Mrs. Fischer. She is so proud of me!” These pages are for the photos. Then I have the students make a page about what they learned and a page about what they enjoyed the most about the year. They decorate the book and put it all together as a keepsake. There are many other possibilities for this. Use your imagination!

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