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In this interview idea, students learn about classmates while working on writing and oral presentation skills


Language Arts  


4, 5, 6, 7  


Title – My First Interview
By – Cagina Noird
Primary Subject –¬†Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –¬†
Grade Level – 4th-7th

This lesson is ideal for allowing students to learn about their classmates while providing an opportunity for students to work on writing and oral presentation skills.

For this activity, pair each student up with a partner (if numbers are uneven, teacher can work with a student) or allow students to choose a partner. Explain to students that they will interview each other. As a class, brainstorm some possible questions that would be appropriate and encourage students to be creative and come up with some original questions as well (i.e. What is your favorite sport? What do you like to do on the weekend? What is your favorite book?, etc.) . Give students an appropriate amount of time to ask and answer all questions (at least ten questions). After the questioning has been completed, instruct students to take the questions and put them into a narrative format (at least two paragraphs). After each student completes the paragraph, have partners go to the front of room to introduce each other. This is a great getting to know you activity that will allow you to pre-assess students’ writing and oral presentation skills and learn something about your students at the same time!

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