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This activity idea is called “Let’s Make a Farm” and students do just that




PreK, K  


Title – Let’s make a Farm!
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Preschool and Kindergarten
different sizes of boxes
Pictures of animals, people and zookeepers

Objectives: For children to be able to use pretend play to make a farm and to then play with it. To be able to practice using scissors and glue to make something meaningful to them. To have fun?!

Take the boxes and glue or tape pictures of animals to the front of some different sizes of boxes. The parent or teacher might want to talk about what kind of animal it is and then decide what kind of box they should use for what animal, depending on size of the animal and size of the box. For instance a giraffe would probably need a really tall box because they are so tall. A Rhino might need a large wide box because they are big and need plenty of room to walk around.
Next use boxes to put glue or tape people on to be the visitors at the zoo. You could have pictures of babies and moms and dads etc. If you find a picture of a zoo keeper or Jack Hanna you can tape or glue him on a box to be the zoo keeper.
Next, after the zoo is all done give the child a scenario about something happening at the zoo. For instance tell him or her it is feeding time and have them move the zoo keeper around the animals and feed them!
Your child will play with this for hours because they made it !!

Make a petting zoo and put people in the petting zoo with the animals! You could also make an aquarium at the zoo and put all kinds of pictures of fish in it!

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