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Here’s a great idea for dealing with terrorism called “Links of Compassion”




K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  


Title – Links of Compassion
By – Shelli Pitner
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – K-5 
Our entire school has become involved in making a paper chain, containing one link for each victim of Tuesday’s Terrorist Attack. The purpose of this is to present a tangible symbol of the number of lives lost, and a means for the students to “connect” with surviving family and friends of the victims by thinking of them as the links are glued one by one. In addition to the construction of the chain, students have written poems, made drawings, written well wishes, thoughts for peace, etc, and attached them at different intervals. Our chain is already completely around the interior of our school, and, sadly, more links will be added as the numbers rise. The next step will be to create Origami cranes, like those created after the bombing of Hiroshima, and connect them to the chain as well.

I ask that you pass this idea on to other teachers and educators, so that this symbology may grow, and create a lasting impression in the minds of our children. I have also found that this exercise proves deeply empowering, especially for those who were experiencing a feeling of helplessness and fear.


Shelli Pitner
North Snohomish Discovery School
Arlington, WA

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