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Here is an easy King Cake idea




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Simple King Cake Cooking Activity

By – Shari Ratliff

Primary Subject – Other

Grade Level – Preschool-up

To make a simple King Cake as a small group cooking activity, buy enough cinnamon roll packaged dough kits so that each student in your class can have one roll. Divide the packaged icing into three parts and color one yellow, one green, and one purple with food coloring. Also, buy a package of plastic babies. If you have access to an oven, prepare the dough in class; otherwise, pre-bake the rolls & just have the children decorate with the icing. If you bake them in a circle pan, they will make a “King Cake”. (Hide the babies in the cakes after baking, but before serving.) Talk about the traditions associated with the King Cake (lots of info about this elsewhere on the web.) You can also use colored sugar or sprinkles in Mardi Gras colors to decorate the cakes. Depending on the age of your children, other concepts related to the recipe can be introduced, such as fractions, science related to cooking, and traditions associated with Mardi Gras. Tie it in with a Mardi-Gras theme book at circle time or library center, and you can also use is as an extension of your Language Arts.


Shari Ratliff


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