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A good first day of school idea for gathering Students’ Birthdays and teaching Bar Graphs too




4, 5  

Title – Birthdays
By – Patricia Wiercinski

Grade: 4-5

On the first day of school, students line up according to their birth date. The students are not permitted to do any writing or talking during this activity. They are to correctly place themselves in the order that their birthdays occur. The teacher will model (using fingers to represent months and dates) how she/he would communicate his/her birthday as well as designate one area of the room where January people will be standing and how the birthday line will wrap around until the class reaches the end of the year birthdays. When students assure me they are ready, we then go around the room, and the students state their birthdays. As students are doing this, I record their name and birthday on chart paper. We then group the birthdays by month and do a bar graph on number of student in each month. This is the students’ first grade for the new school year. I also keep the chart of the birthdays listed in the class for future celebrations.

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