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This good behavior “money” idea solves the “I lost my pencil” problem




3, 4, 5  


Title – Everyday Buying
By – Greg Frost
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subject –  

Grade Level – 3 – 5

This is an ongoing math lesson that can be a great tool for behavior management. It offers a solution to the “I lost my pencil” problem.

At the beginning of the year, explain to the children that they need to look after their equipment, pencils, rulers, books, etc. However, you must understand that there will be times when they will need to replace those items, therefore they can earn “money” through good behavior to buy replacements. This money is in reasonably small denominations, therefore ensuring their adding skills. The children are then given price lists, from which they can “buy” replacements. It is a good idea to also have fun things as well for them to buy, such as small toys.

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