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In this St. Patrick’s Day Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey type game, students count and learn directional words while “Filling Our Pot of Gold”


Language Arts, Math  



Title – Fill Our Pot of Gold
By – Jill
Primary Subject РMath, Language Arts 
Secondary Subjects Р 
Grade Level – Pre-School

Tape the Gold in the Pot
(Like Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Materials Needed:

      Black Marker


      Laminating machine

      Child scissors

    Gold or other colored construction paper


      Make a Big Black Pot on Tagboard and Laminate.
    Have children cut out circles out of gold construction paper for coins (You could also let the children choose a different color for their coin, then you could work on color recognition). You may have to have circles already drawn for them to cut out.


      Blind fold one child at a time and twirl them 3 times or more. The rest of the class can count the twirls.
      Each child can try several times.
      Count how many coins end up in the pot.
      Talk about where the other coins end up (above, below, under, next to, etc….)
    Have fun!

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