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This is a conversation heart ratio graphing activity





Title – Conversation Hearts Ratio Graphing Activity
By – Patty
Primary Subject РMath 
Secondary Subjects –¬†
Grade Level – 5


  • Students will be able to create a tally chart to count the different colors of conversation hearts.
  • Students will graph a ratio between two colored hearts.


      1) Students will each receive a box of conversation hearts
      2) Using a handout, students will count the number of white, pink, orange, yellow, green and purple hearts.
      3) Instead of graphing each color, students will determine a ratio between two colors. Ex:

There are 12 whites to 8 pinks

      4) Using a chart, students will continue the ratio pattern to create an x-value y-value table.
    5) Using the table, students will graph their ratio with appropriate labels, axis, and title.


    Teacher will check for accuracy in table of values, and appropriate graphing procedures.


      1) Some students may benefit from large scale graph paper when graphing their ratio.
      2) Student who have difficulty with basic multiplication facts may want to use a calculator to determine their ratio values for the chart.
    3) Handout alterations may also be beneficial to students that cannot attend to a long task with multiple directions.

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