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This idea is to be used around Holidays for teaching ABCs and 123s






Title – ABC/123 Holiday Fun
By – Dale A. Ekas
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Preschool
Just a simple way to add some learning fun for all the little ones of all ages. I have created a variety of holiday “flash cards”. We all know the standard flash cards can be a bit boring and fun is better for kids and mom too. Example: Halloween I created from colored poster boards: pumpkins, ghosts and even the famous “candy corns”. I then simply added the alphabet (upper and lower, your choice) or numbers in marker and there you have it. Now moms/teachers, it does require a little work on your part as far as doing the letters or numbers, but when you see how much fun they have with this fun way of learning, you will see it is worth it. You can create something for every month of the year.

A very favorite game we play with out “flash cards” is we face them down as if to play the memory game and I have each child turn one over and if they know the letter or number, they hold that card and they continue until they miss one. Then the next child goes. All my little ones love this one. Enjoy learning while having fun. We do have many more homemade games to play with these flash cards too.

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