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Art, Language Arts  


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Title – Bulletin Board Ideas
By – Scott Dan
Subject – Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 1 – 2
Bulletin Board Ideas

— “Look How We’ve Blossomed!”: In the springtime, have the children make big sunflowers out of construction paper. Place these on the bulletin board and add grass, a sun, and possibly clouds to add background. Then add a picture (photo) of each child in the center of their flower. Next, place two examples of their work (one from the beginning of the year and a recent example) above their flower. Finally, add the title “Look How We’ve Blossomed!” at the top of the bulletin board.
— “Bubble Gum Machine”: Make a large bubble gum machine out of construction paper and place it on the bulletin board. Next, cut out 30-50 bubble gum pieces out of a variety of colored construction paper or any other fun material (fabric, Wonderfoam, Foilboard, etc.). Fill up the gum machine with the these pieces and also add some all around the bulletin board set. Take out one piece every time the children do something extra nice or get complemented by another teacher. Have a Friday bubble gum party when it’s empty.
— “Raindrops Are Falling On My Head”: Make several clouds and place them at the top of where this display is going to be placed. Next, add a lot of large raindrops (made by the children) so that it appears that the clouds are raining. Have the children make additional people or background for the bottom of the display. The final step is to make a large sun, but then hide it underneath one of the clouds. As the children follow classroom procedure, have them take down a raindrop. When all the raindrops have been removed, take down the clouds and reveal the beautiful sun. As a reward, give them a party.
— “Spring into Team Fun”: Same concept as the raindrops and bubble gum machine bulletin board set. But this time use flowers. Add a peddle to the stem of the flower (some made by the children, along with extra background) to either reward individual or group behaviors
Alt. Plans: Apple tree,
— Building a Community: Have the children make a list of things they think they would see in a community. Hang that list on a wall that has enough room for a good size community. Next, let each child make something on that list to put onto the bulletin board. This may be done as a reward (both to make it and hang it up), or could also be done as a classroom activity. Have the child label their picture on a small sentence strip that is to be posted right below their picture. Finally, discuss as a class a possible name for the community they have posted. For an additional activity, they could create laws for the people that live in the community and the consequences for breaking each law. Also, they could choose a particular character in the community, possibly one they made up, and write a story about that character. Biographies, along with daily events or journals could be included.
— “Under the Sea”: In the theme of “Under the Sea,” have the children study a particular sea creature of their choice. In addition to writing about up a report about their animal, they are also to make (in class) a picture of their animal using any material available. Place blue paper over the bulletin board, ranging from light blue (at the top), to dark blue (at the bottom. This will help teach the concept of the ocean’s depth. Next, either the teacher or the children (or both) can add detail to the bulletin board set (seaweed, coral, sponges, bubbles, extra pictures of other creatures, etc). Finally, add the children’s report along with their picture to the set and watch their faces glow with excitement.
— “Friendly Notes”: Have a place where the children can post little friendly notes to each other during the course of the day. These notes can be friendly notes, thanks you notes, or kind saying directed towards another person. In order for this to help promote reading, writing, and good social behaviors instead of causing total chaos, specific directions should be given to the children when it is ok to write and post these notes.
— The ABC Board: Let the children make a large letter of the alphabet out of 9 x 12 construction paper. Explain to them that they should try to use the full size of the paper (additional materials could be used instead of construction paper -wonderfoam, cooked or uncooked noodles, glitter glue, etc.). Have the children put their letter up on the bulletin board (in abc order) along with a magazine picture that they have found that starts with that letter. For additional background, place two figures (either human or animal) that are on either side of the bulletin board set that are looking up at the letters while pointing. The figures could have a caption that reads something like, “ABCED…” and the other saying, “Now that I know my abc, next time won’t you sing with me.”

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