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This lesson explores “The Color of We” with puppetry, poetry and paint-mixing


Social Studies  


PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Color of WE
By – Nan Ray
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – Pre K – 2


1. Introduce four multi-racial puppets to the class. Ask for 4 volunteers who want to use a puppet to read the poem, I Love my Skin .

Note from You can make/use your own puppets or purchase TRACE, GAIL, JESSE and CONNIE puppets at the website listed below.

2. Print the poem. Cut it into the 4 separate parts. Let each puppet person read their part.

* To add sequencing, do NOT put them in order. Let the students help the puppeteers figure out the sequence.

1) I LOVE, I LOVE the skin I’m in

2) It keeps me all together.

3) The skin I’m in IS MINE, ALL MINE

4) My skin, my friend, forever!3. Discuss our skin. Talk about how each one of us has unique skin. Discuss the skin’s color, skin texture, skin health and skin’s purpose. Tell each student that skin is as unique to an individual as the shape of feet or the color of hair.

4. Talk about the skin color of the four puppets.

5. Ask each student to return to their place at the art table.

5. Time to try to MIX PAINT to be just the color of their own unique skin. Explain to the students that some people may have to use more yellow, some more orange, some an little extra white, etc. — it will be fun to see how close the students can get their paint to match their own skin tone and color.

6. After the student has matched his/her own skin color, ask each student to color in one square on the cardboard at the front of the class with his/her skin color that they just mixed.

Display your new art project “THE COLOR OF WE” proudly!

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