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“Me Bags” is the name of this first day of school idea for Getting to Know Each Other




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Title – Me bags
By – Melinda Flint
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – 1-5 grades
This is a great activity to use the first day of school. I have a white paper sack on each of the students’ desk when they arrive the first day. In the bag I have a sharpened pencil, glue stick, crayons, eraser, note pad, and a little snack. I like to use some type of fruit snack. The individual bags work the best. You may add other things if you want to. Then I explain that they have a “Me Bag” on their desk. In the bag they will find back to school essentials. I tell them that their first assignment for the school year is to draw themselves and things they like to do on their “Me bags” (It is good to have a “me bag” for yourself) I let them eat their snack before their 1st recess. Then I explain that their first home work assignment is to bring something from home in their “me bags.” They should bring something that represents them. I love to read so I would put my favorite book in my bag. The next day the class shares with each other their “me bags” My students love it. It is a good activity to get to know each other!

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