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Here’s another version of the “Me Bags” idea for the First Day of School




2, 3  

Title – Another version of “Me Bags”

By – Melissa May

Primary Subject – Other

Secondary Subjects – Other

Grade Level – 2-3

When I was student teaching, my host teacher Teisha Burke also did a version of “Me Bags” with our classroom. Each student was given a white paper bag with a list stapled to it. Their assignment was to find objects in their home to represent the following:

1. Their favorite book.

2. Something they would like to do in the future.

3. Something they would like to improve on.

4. An object they like to collect or hobby.

5. Their favorite movie or band.

Part of the students’ assignment was to be able to explain why they chose these objects, and it really got the students talking! We both brought our bags in on the first day of school to introduce the assignment, and the students really enjoyed getting to know us as well as their fellow classmates.


Melissa May


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