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This idea suggests Mother’s Day interviews




3, 6  

Title – An Interview with Mother
By – Pamela Powell
Primary Subject РSocial Studies 
Grade Level Р3-6 

This is an easy Mother’s Day idea: ask your Mother for an interview. Arrange a time and date, and let her know how long it will last. The older the student, the longer the interview should/could be.

Ask Questions like:
How old was she when she met your father or stepfather?
How long was she pregnant with you?
What did she think about you during labor?
What were her first thoughts about you after you were born?
Was she able to spend a lot of time with you in the hospital?
Did you come home right away or were you in an incubator and had to stay after she went home?
What did she think about during your first birthday celebration?
What did she think about during your last birthday celebration?
What would she love for you to do for her on Mother’s Day?

Of course, you may add any questions you like as long as they are respectful. Remember this is an interview.

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