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Here’s a good idea to get students to “Sing themselves into Group Time”




PreK, K  


Title – Sing Your Kids Into Group Time
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – 
Grade Level – Preschool and Kindergarten

Learn this song:

Everybody sit down, sit down, sit down. Everybody sit down on the floor .
Not on the ceiling, not on the door. Everybody sit down on the floor !!

To get kids settled down and on the floor for group time with out any hassles or arguing.

Right before group time have all the kids line up and take them to the bathroom. This saves a lot of time letting children out of group time when they miss so much. After they are done going to bathroom have them line up again and start singing this song. Everyday for about a week start the day’s group time with this song. They eventually start settling down and sitting down while still singing the song for the rest of the kids that have not sat down yet. After they are all done sitting down sing it one last time to get them all settled down and then start your group time with all children sitting down and ready to learn!!

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