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This idea uses a calming and personal approach to teach parts of the body, colors, shapes, and listening




PreK, K, 1  

Title – All About Me
By – Katerain C. Fields
Primary Subject РMusic 
Secondary Subjects Р 
Grade Level – PK-1

This game incorporates learning the parts of the body, color words, and listening. The first rule is that no talking, including answers to questions, can be so loud that we cannot hear the music. I chose Narada, ” Grand Piano ” CD. ( Any listening selection that promotes a calm and quiet atmosphere will work). As the children enter the room, the CD is playing softly. I ask them to sit in a semi-circle. In the center of the room is a large sheet of white paper. I select one child to lie down on the paper and I trace the body, being careful to stay away from any questionable sections and fill those in after I’ve finished tracing. All the time they are “listening” to music they would never choose for themselves, but which has wonderful therapeutic value. Then, we begin by identifying the different parts of the body, pointing to the area drawn on the paper.

Teacher: “What part of the body is this?”
Students: “A foot.” The teacher prints “FOOT” on each foot.

Teacher: “How many feet do we have?”
Students: “Two feet.”
Teacher: “How many toes do we have on one foot? Two feet?”

After we have finished the basic parts of the body, we begin with colors.

Teacher: “What color is Ayana’s shirt?”
Students: “Blue.”
Teacher: “Very Good!”
Every anwer is written on the student’s outline in the appropriate place. Sometimes we talk about the designs on the clothing which brings in shapes, sizes, etc. Before the end of the period, I cut out the entire shape with all the labels and put it on the wall. This is a wonderful concept builder and something that can be used time and time again.

Every child wants to be a part of the exercise and every student participates. The music has a sublimial affect and the children love it. It’s a terrific way to get them to listen to some good music and makes colors, numbers, shapes, etc., personal.

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