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College Campus Tour and Museum Trip




9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – College Campus Tour and Museum Trip
By – Teal-Rebecca Rogers
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Other
Grade Level – 9, 10, or 11, Remedial
“Why Don’t We Ever Get to Go?”: College Campus Tour and Museum Trip for Remedial Students


          This plan was designed for 10th Grade Remedial Students. Upon returning from a field trip with my Advanced Placement Students, I heard a common gripe from my Remedial Students. “We never get to go.” I realized that this was true. Usually teachers exclude Remedial students when planning a trip. When I asked my colleagues about this phenomenon they provided two reasons for this common oversight. The first was that they do not trust Remedial students to behave. The second was that taking Remedial students on a trip takes thorough planning. I designed this plan to cover both of those bases. It was decided that a college campus with a museum would be perfect. It was also decided that the trip should tie into what was already being taught in the classroom so that the students would be interested in what they were going to see. I chose Rutgers University, New Brunswick Campus as it is only two hours from the school, offers tours, and has a museum which also offers tours. This plan uses Sandra Cisneros’s The House on Mango Street and the Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers.

Scope and Sequence

Sandra Cisneros, The House on Mango Street
          This novel is written as a collection of stories by a Mexican-American girl. The unit was filled with cultural lessons about Latin Americans. We ate traditional Mexican foods and learned dances. I checked at the Zimmerli Museum at Rutgers, New Brunswick, to see if they were offering an exhibition of art made by Mexicans, or Latin Americans, et cetera. The museum was not offering such an exhibition this year, but it will be in the near future.

          New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards 3.2, 3.3, 3.4.

3.2: “All students will listen actively in a variety of situations to information from a variety of sources.

3.3: “All students will write in clear, concise, organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and purposes.

3.4: “All students will read a variety of materials and texts with comprehension and critical analysis.”

Activities- Preparing for the Trip

1. Read The House on Mango Street, by Sandra Cisneros.

2. Complete Study Guides.

3. Take test which involves students answering short answer questions and one five-paragraph essay.

4. Let students know that the class will be taking a trip. To prepare, the must do a project about Mexican Americans. They must design a cover and do research about Mexican American culture. They also must present what they have learned about Mexican Americans to the class.

5. In preparation for the trip, students are to write two to three paragraphs about college. Does the student plan on attending college? Why or why not? If the student plans on attending college, what does he or she plan on studying?

6. Finally, in preparation for the trip, read an art critique and show students the painting on which it is written. Have students do their own critique of a painting in the room.
Activities- The Trip

1. Leave at the beginning of the school day. Try to take as small a group as possible, under twenty students, and make sure to have at least a 4:1 student to chaperone ratio.

2. In the morning, tour the campus. Most Remedial Students have never been to a college campus. Ask the students to write down what they liked and disliked about the tour and the campus.

3. Have lunch at the Student Center. Rutgers’ Student Center offers a wide variety of choices, including Wendy’s, which is very inexpensive.

4. Allow students to have some time in the campus store to buy T-shirts, mugs, et cetera. Only allow four students at a time and make sure a chaperone goes with them.

5. Walk from the store to the Zimmerli Museum (about 2 blocks).

6. Take the guided tour of the museum. Then, give students about an hour to tour the museum on their own. Give them their assignment for the museum. They are to pick painting or a sculpture and write a critique of it, like they did in class. They are only to take notes at the museum, however. Their final essays are to be completed for homework.


          By making sure that students are properly supervised and have plenty to do and are being held accountable for an assignment, you are sure to have a productive and fun trip. Remedial Students need extra attention and need to be adequately prepared for a trip. This lesson plan both prepares students for the trip and gives them a follow up project so that paying attention during the trip is important.

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