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Parents should write and leave positive notes about their teen is this message given here


Language Arts  


10, 11  

Title – Positive Influence
By – Kathleen Wild
Primary Subject –¬†Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –¬†

Materials Needed:

  • colored writing paper or writing paper with a picture at the top
  • one pocket folder
  • pen


  1. Think about something positive that your teen has done each day of the week or you may choose to only do this three times a week. It will be up to you.
  2. Use a piece of writing paper and at the end of the evening, write something that has impressed you about your teen. It has to be something positive. Write it on the piece of paper and place it on your teen’s night table or desk in their room.
  3. Have your teen place each positive note into the pocket folder and save them to reflect on the positive things in their lives. You may also want to date the notes.
  4. This will not only help you to focus on the positive, but it will also help your teen see that you notice what they are doing that is positive.

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