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Puzzle pieces are utilized in this idea for picking partners




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Title – Puzzle Partners
By – Lori Fraternale
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 1-6

This lesson is a great way to get the children in groups of twos in order to work with a partner on a given activity.


      1. Teacher needs to make the puzzle pieces in advance. To create the pieces, first take 8 by 12 inch pieces of oaktag. With a Sharpie marker, draw 2 large smiley faces on the front side of each sheet of oaktag. One face on the left side and one face on the right.( This helps to identify the front side of the paper when the pieces are cut)
      2.Cut the pieces of oaktag in half, but do NOT cut in a straight line. Make each cut different , so that you end up with two puzzle pieces that can fit together. Each piece of oaktag needs to be cut in a different way , so that no two puzzles can be completed without the right pieces.
      3. Distribute the pieces, one to each student.
      4. Students walk around the room holding their puzzle piece, “Smiley” side up, and find the person whose piece fits theirs to complete the puzzle. That person becomes their partner for the given activity.
    5. Note: If you have a odd number of children in your class, the student whose piece does not match any other becomes the STAR person! That student gets to pick any group of students to work with.

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