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This idea is to be used as an Introduction to Animals and involves Role Playing




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Introducing Animals to Pre-K and Kindergarten Students
By – bayoubrat
Primary Subject РScience 
Secondary Subjects –¬†
Grade Level – Pre- K to 1st Grade
This lesson would teach young students about the variety of animals in the world. This lesson is geared to introducing at least 30 animals to the students in a given school year period, topping it all off with a trip to the zoo, if possible.
Once a week, the teacher should introduce one particular animal to the students. He or she will either read a book about or show pictures of the animal to the students. Then, let the students interact by letting the students become the animal in some way or another.
For example, introduce the students to a squirrel.
Read them a book about a squirrel, maybe the squirrel being the character or just a book about squirrels in general. Allow them to color a color sheet of a squirrel’s tail, or bring materials to class that allow them to make a squirrel’s tail and pin it to their back sides. Take the students outside and take them on a nature walk looking for squirrels. Bring the students to a tree and explain to them that this is where squirrels live and that they climb trees and eat acorns. The teacher can let the students collect acorns, and I wouldn’t advise letting the students eat them, but give them edible nuts to eat. Let them break it out of its shell and eat it just as a squirrel would eat it.
This can be done in one day or carried on for several days, depending on the ideas you have to interact the child with the particular animal you are introducing them to. This is a very flexible lesson that can be fully done in a week’s time, month’s time, or carried on throughout the year.

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