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An interesting lesson plan on Marketing a Product, including Making Commercials


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Can You Sell it?
By – Jennifer Dalke
Subject – Social Studies, Art, Language Arts
Grade Level – 4-8

Learning Standards:
25.A.2b, 25.B.2, 26.A.2b, 26.B.2b, 27.A.2b

Integrated Subjects:
Marketing, Language Arts

Instructional Goals:
* Students will understand the methods of making commercials to market a product
* Students will be introduced to the idea of truth in advertising
* Students will produce their own commercials to sell different objects

* Costume clothes
* Small objects
* Blackboard
* Video camera

Anticipatory Set:
1. The teacher will ask the students if they have any favorite commercials. Students should share their ideas.
2. The teacher will ask the students if all commercials show the truth. Why and why not? The class will discuss how commercials sell products to people. The children will brainstorm ideas, which the teacher will write on the board.
3. The teacher will bring out a video camera and tell the students that they will need to write out, practice, and perfect a commercial. When they are done, then the teacher will tape all of the commercials.

1. The teacher will ask the children to number off in order to make groups of four. Then, the teacher will pass out small bags of costume clothes that the children can use in their commercials. Finally, the teacher will pass out small objects to the groups. Every two groups will be selling the same products- one will be completely honest, and one will embellish the facts.
2. The teacher will give the students about 20 minutes to perfect their commercials. When they are finished, each group will come up and perform while the teacher tapes the performance.
3. After each pair groups perform, the students will be encouraged to discuss how the groups sold the product differently, and which commercial would make them want to buy the product more.

Teacher’s Role:
The teacher’s role is to monitor the children’s work. The children are free to sell their products in any way they like, as long as it is appropriate. The teacher should simply make helpful suggestions when merited, and let the children have fun.

Creative Question Suggestions:
1. Why do you like certain commercials? Why do you dislike certain commercials?
2. What things in a commercial make you want to buy a product?
3. Have you ever bought anything just because of a commercial you saw? Did the product do what the commercial said it would?
4. How can commercials make their products look better than the rest while still being honest?

* Students may have trouble thinking of angles to sell their products. The teacher should tell children to think of commercials for similar items that they have seen. They should also think about what would make them want to buy a product.

1. Students will be evaluated on their group work. Did the group work together to produce a commercial?
2. Also, did the group produce the right form of commercial?

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