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Here students use Excel worksheets to create a personal budget


Computers & Internet, Social Studies  


10, 11, 12  

Title – Budgeting
By – Denise Valliere
Primary Subject – Social Studies, Computers / Internet
Secondary Subjects – 
Grade Level – 10-12

Budgeting Lesson Plan:

  1. Content:
    1. Math skills
    2. Critical thinking skills
    3. Computer skills
  2. Michigan Educational Technical Standards:

    9-12.CC.6 Using technology tools for managing and communicating personal information

  3. Learning Resources and Materials:
    1. computers
    2. worksheets
  4. Development of Lesson:

    Students will be learning what a budget is, where they spend their money, and how to fill in a budget Excel spreadsheet

  5. Introduction:

    Hello, class! Today we are going to start learning how to budget. What do you know about budgeting? Okay, good answers. We will start with a PPT presentation.

  6. Methods/Procedures:
    1. Methods:
      1. Individualized learning
      2. Facilitate Learning – direct instruction with individualized approach
    2. Sequential activities for the lesson:
      1. Watch PowerPoint presentation on budgeting
      2. Record where you spend your money for two weeks
      3. Find an apartment you can afford on your salary
      4. Estimate the cost of utilities
      5. Fill in Excel spreadsheet
      6. Find a job you are qualified to do with a high school education
    3. Essential Questions:
      1. What are your spending habits?
      2. What are your educational desires?
      3. What are your long-term plans?
  7. Accommodations/Adaptations:
    1. Differentiate instruction
      1. by open dialogue with students
      2. by having question and answer periods
      3. by individualized monitoring as the excel spreadsheet is filled out
    2. Different learning levels
      1. Be sure to follow all IEPs
      2. Give help as needed by the students
    3. Check for understanding
      1. Check progress
      2. Ask questions
    4. Assessment/Evaluation:
      1. Be sure the student’s budget Excel spreadsheet is filled out properly.
      2. Be sure the student’s budget is balanced.
  8. Closure:
    1. How many of you are surprised to find out how much it costs to live on your own?
    2. How will this affect your future choices about college?

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