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NYU Steinhardt EMAT Teaching Residency
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Students present college and career exploration information here using Movie Maker software


Social Studies, Computers & Internet  


12, 11  

Title – Look into the Future
By – Kay Groves
Primary Subject –¬†¬†Social Studies, Computers & Internet
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 11-12


      Students will gather information from college and career explorations for a dual purpose.

Part A:

      Student will use the knowledge and insight obtained from research efforts for envisioning their future goals and life pursuits, which they will portray in an unfolding digital storytelling design using Windows Movie Maker software.

Part B:

    A personal Career Portfolio will be created from the information gathered as well using various applications from Microsoft Office (separate lesson not included).

Standards: Texas Education Code:

  • 28.002(career education)
  • SBEC (technology applications)
  • TEKS (technology education)
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