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This is a dialing 911 lesson


Social Studies  


K, 1, 2  

Title – 911 Emergency
By – Chris Hernandez
Primary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – K-2

Problem solving language and communication connections with an outside mathematics and formal reasoning underline
All content areas of Language Arts and Social Studies

Learning Objectives:
Students will practice dialing 911. They will also learn what to do in case of an emergency and what to say on the phone.

List of materials need:
1. A unplugged phone
2. A pen or pencil
3. Crayons
4. Markers

Pre-Activity Preparation:
I must have a phone to tell them what numbers to dial, which is 911.
Then I talk to them about how we should not play with the phone and dial 911 only in case of an emergency.

Establishing set Motivation Introduction:
Should have a motivational speaker like a police officer.

Learning Experiences, Presentations, and Procedures:
1. Instructor should pass out worksheet of emergency contacts
2. Then we fill out the information on worksheet to the extent of the students’ knowledge. What they don’t know, becomes homework with parents helping them to finish it.
3. Students then practice dialing 911 with a unplugged phone.

What have we leaned so far? (Ask students.)
What do we not do with the phone and why don’t we do that?

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