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This is a graphic organizer that students use to research corporate companies and benefits


Social Studies  


11, 12  

Title – The AFL-CIO
By – Nick Hernandez
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 11-12th grade

Who guarantees companies pay you top wages/salaries and provide you with Health/Welfare Insurance and retirement benefits?

Graphic Organizer—-

How is this accomplished?

    • organizing

    • NLRB elections or voluntary recognition

    • post winning of the election and representation

1) research company financial history

2) Workers wages and any disparities

3) executive and management salaries

4) meet with workers /elect negotng. committee

Negotiation Process:

Set up negotiation meeting with company
Meet with local labor leaders


Class activities:


    • 1/2 class represents workers at the table

    • 1/2 class represents the company

Action: Mock negotiations are conducted using a mock contract. Ratification meetings are set up to vote on the last and final offer from the company


STEP 3: What it all means at this point?

1. Union accepts and signs contract
2. Union members reject the last and final offer


If ratified?

If rejected?

What impact will this have on future of the students?

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