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Valentine’s Day Lesson Ideas


Art, Social Studies  


2, 3  

Title – Valentine’s Day, Lesson Ideas
By – Jacquie DeFreze
Primary Subject – Art
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 2-3
Rye, NH


  • Class list


  1. Have each child draw a name out of a basket.
  2. Each child is to decorate a large heart with the child’s name written in black.
    I start this activity in January so that it is done for Feb. 1.
  3. After they decorate the large heart, they hand them in.
  4. Every AM for 20 days (# of days depends on class size) the children come in and have a heart on their desk.
  5. They have to write one positive things about the name on the heart. They cannot repeat a comment. It does get difficult but if they really think about the person they can come up with something.
  6. When all the hearts have 19 comments, they make a great bulletin board for all to read and feel great about!

Another option: Have the kids do it themselves for their Valentine’s.


Valentine Geography


  • Large map of the US.
  • Many red/white and pink hearts


  1. Research all the different cities in the US that have a name that has something to do with Valentine’s Day.
  2. Have the children write the city on the heart and then place it on the map.

Great activity for your gifted or for when work is complete.

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