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This is an original poem to teach children to safely cross a street




K, 1  

Title – Street Cross Safety Boog-A-Loo
By – Nan Ray
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – K-1

To teach children the safe way to be observant, listen, and alert when safely crossing a street.


For the teacher:

  • Classroom Set of People Holding Hands® dolls: TRACE, GAIL, JESSE, and CONNIE (optional – other dolls or puppets could be substituted)
  • Printed Poem: Street Cross Safety Boog-A-Loo!

For the students:

  • 1 People Holding Hands® character – one for each student or one for each student pair (or a substitute)


      1. Introduce TRACE, GAIL, JESSE and CONNIE characters to the children. Hand out one character per child.
      Divide the children up into pairs. They can be any character pair.
      2. Print the poem. Cut it into the parts.
      Let each puppet character pair read one section or poem part.
      * To add sequencing, do NOT put them in order. Let the children figure out the sequence. Since the poem is a little long, children aged 3rd grade and older may enjoy this. Younger children may need a reader helper and can participate during the ‘rules dance’ part*

Street Cross Safety – Boog-A-Loo!
by Nan Ray©, 2005

When crossing busy traffic streets
It can be tricky, let me say.
It’s something I am required to do
Almost every single day.

I’ve learned these little safety tips
Call them tricks, if you will.
These tips have served me nicely
Preventing me from being road kill!

When I come upon a crosswalk,
A curb or beside a busy street,
The first thing I must always do
Is STOP, and halt my feet !

Sometimes there is a stop light
Telling me when I must walk.
Other times there is a traffic cop
He tells me when to halt!

When the signs are not so clear
And there’s no one there to help,
I must follow these rules closely
Because I must protect myself!

Get ready to put your hands together,
We going to have some fun.
I’ll teach you my street safety tips
You can use them when we’re done.

Standup everyone, let’s clap,
Now, hop forward once and hop back once
Then clap and FREEZE.

With your hands still together WE’RE NOT READY YET TO GO!
LOOK LEFT clap-clap
LOOK RIGHT clap-clap
LOOK LEFT — one clap – then walk out slow.

Your head is held up high
You’re still watching for cars.
You’re off your bike, obeying the lights,
You’re alert and know where you are!

You made it. You crossed the street.
I knew that you could!
You used all the safety steps,
I knew that you would.

Let’s review — just a reminder –
What we are suppose to do.
At a crosswalk, a corner or a street
The 1st thing we ALWAYS do is: HALT OUR FEET!

Look left — look right — look left quick again.
Walk out safely — head alert
Know where you are
And where you’ve been.

Here are a few things,
We have not yet said.
I will list them for you,
Keep these in your head.

Never walk behind a car — it may back up.
Never run into the street — no matter what!
Never chase a ball or run the dog or dart out on your bicycle.
Never disobey the traffic lights.
Never ride your bike or skateboard or even your scooter.
And NEVER forget these rules.

When you can, walk with someone, and always grab a hand!

Be safe with, and for, one another.

      3. Discuss traffic and the speed of vehicles. Talk about how each one of us has to be safe when near or around moving vehicles. Even though pedestrians have the RIGHT OF WAY, we must be alert to all cars and drivers….they are bigger and faster than we are!
    4. Talk about traffic signals and signs.

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