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Students use “Peace Poles” in this idea for Coping with Terrorism




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Title – Peace Poles
By – Andrea Payne
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2 – 5 
Hey! I am the Education Coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club of Norwood in Warwick, RI. I recently had my boyfriend who is a woodworker make a small version of the peacepole (about 12″ tall x 2 1/2″ wide that’s four-sided with not too of a sharp peak on top). I used the official peacepole website to get the saying “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in 83 different languages and printed them out. The kids were to choose English and three other languages to write this saying on their poles. On the website is information about why we made them, who else makes or has made them, a dedication ceremony and so on… Take a look!
I believe this was a great way for them to focus on peace rather than terror. They all got to be creative and design their own poles. Next we are going to make an 8′ tall Peace Pole to display on our Game Room. I just think this is an awesome activity and thought I would share the idea!! Thank you!
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