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Here’s an idea for a first day of school “Class Puzzle” that shows each student’s importance




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Title – First Day of School – Make a Puzzle
By – Paula Maritz
Primary Subject – Art 
Secondary Subjects – 
Grade Level – 2-4
Here’s a neat activity which is suitable during the first day of school, for students at any grade level.

The objective of this activity is to show each student that everyone is equally important. The fact that everyone is needed in the group, even though you all look different and have different interests.

Preparations for the teacher:
Create a blank puzzle on a large piece of paper. One piece for each student in your class. Make a few extra pieces, as well. For yourself and for students that might join during the school year.
Cut the pieces apart.

1. Distribute one piece to each student.

2. Have them write their first name on the piece. Thereafter they are free to decorate their piece to make it personal. For example, favorite color, favorite pattern, write their favorite food, subject, TV-show, subject, sport, artist, toy etc.

3. Let the students assemble the puzzle together. This involves collaboration, problem solving and patience.

4. Laminate the puzzle and put it up on the door to your classroom.

Discuss in what ways you are alike and different. (Probably you will learn new things about each other…)



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