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This end-of-school classroom scrapbook idea uses digital photos, poems, and quotes




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Title – Scrapbooks
By – Pam Schluter
Primary Subject – Other – End-of-School Activity
Grade Level – 1-6

Students love to reflect on their year, so I spend all year taking pictures with our digital camera. I also keep anecdotes and cute quotes in a notebook. Each month I run off black & white prints and place the pictures in an envelope marked with the month name.

The last week of school I lay out all the pictures on the floor. We create a time line of our year. Then we each make a scrapbook using the pictures and quotes. We write captions and sometimes add a poem or two. This is a great way to reflect and also for me to document what we have done during the year. It is neat to see the students’ faces as they go through the pile.

It usually ends up with some autographing to add to the scrapbook.

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