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“The Living Rope” is a powerful idea for visually showing kids the impact of their current choices on the rest of their life




K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – The Living Rope
By – Kenny Kiskis
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – K-5


      To demonstrate the impact the first 18 years has on the remainder of a person’s life, has developed the concept of “The Living Rope”.
      Children and young adults have trouble seeing the whole picture. They don’t realize how much life remains after High School. How the decisions they make now, affect more than 75% of their life.
      To make a living rope you will need a 100 ft. rope. Simply color (wrap with colored tape, etc.) the first 18 feet, and you have your “Living Rope”. A 100 ft. rope gives the best impact, but you can use a 50 ft. rope, coloring the first 9 ft. A 25 ft. rope, coloring the first 4 ½ ft. A 10′ rope, coloring the first 18 inches.
      The colored portion represents the first 18 years of life. The remaining rope shows how much life remains.
      Explain to your students . . .
      Making good grades now, could provide you with a built-in swimming pool 30 feet down the rope. Now they have 70 feet to enjoy it!
      Developing a good work ethic could get you your first $1,000,000 half way down the rope. You have 50 feet left to spend that million!
      Good exercise habits your first 18 feet will make you look your best, allowing you to marry a model at 25. That gives you 75 feet to show them off!
      Becoming a person with great values, pride, and integrity will allow you to better parent your doctor, lawyer, movie star or pro athlete children the rest of your rope.
      The first 18 feet are so important, yet such a small part of the entire rope. (Life)

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