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Our Words Live On

Title – Our Words Live On

By – Michele Wineland

My father was a teacher, coach and school administrator. He passed on in 1993 after colon cancer was found only two months previously. It had been eight years since his passing, when I received a phone call one day. A woman asked if this was Mr. Wineland’s family. She said she just wanted to let us know that her children know my father’s name and she tells them things that my dad told her every day. She said she will always be thankful that he never gave up on her. She said that my father made a very big impression on her family because he probably saved her brother’s life. Her brother was into drugs and my dad stayed behind him and got him the help he needed. She said if it weren’t for my father, her brother would be dead or in prison. I mentioned to her, as our conversation drew to a close, that I too, am a teacher. She said she wasn’t surprised. I think of this each day, because it’s obvious that we never know the effect our words have on students or how long they will stay with them. I am proud that my dad passed on his gift of teaching to me.


Michele Wineland

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