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Out of Pocket

I just finished reading an article outlining different ways that educators can secure resources and materials for their classrooms.  While the article is sound and offers great advice, I can ‘t help but wonder when it became part of a teacher ‘s job to stock our own classrooms and find educational funding sources. Does an Emergency Room doctor have to worry about buying his own band-aids and medical supplies? Not unless he is practicing medicine in some third world back country clinic.  Is that what education has devolved to?  This is my twenty eighth year of teaching and this added responsibility for teachers to furnish their own classroom supplies has increasingly become an expectation of school districts and administrators over the years.  Sadly, teachers operate on a “see a need and fill it” basis and districts take full advantage of this. While I have dutifully shopped and supplied my students with needed materials throughout the last several years, I am opposed to adding the responsibility of finding funding resources and money for necessary classroom supplies to my already long list of job duties simply because the state and school district now expects me to.

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