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This is a Valentine’s game idea called “Hide The Heart”





Title – Hide the Heart
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Other
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Preschool
Construction paper

Take the pink or red construction paper and cut out a heart shape. At the bottom of the heart poke a little hole and thread the string through it. Then tie the string in a knot.
The rest of the string should just hang down.
The game is done by having all the kids hide their eyes and one child is picked to hide the heart. The only thing that should be showing is the string after the heart is hid. Then when the child is done hiding it he or she says “heads up” and everyone else goes and looks for the heart! The next child who find it gets to be the one who hides it. Everyone only gets 1 turn each and if someone finds it more then once they pick someone to be the one who gets to hide it! Let everyone have 1 turn and then the game is over!!

Hide the rectangle, hide the number or even hide the letter would work very well! It would also work on other holidays such as hide the Shamrock or hide the flag (for flag day)! Have Fun!

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