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Here’s an idea to make Valentine Kisses from krispy cereal and tin foil




PreK, K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Valentine Kisses
By – Deborah
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – PK-3

Here’s a great valentine sweet treat to give.

Make your standard rice krispy treat according to directions. You can melt the margarine as well as the marshmallows in the microwave (a plastic bowl works best).Next (after thorough hand washing) have children mix the rice krispy cereal into the melted mixture then using a funnel have children push the mixture into the funnel.(It’s best to lightly butter the funnel first.) Next, turn upside-down on a good-sized piece of foil and let the child wrap it up just like a hershey kiss. Don’t forget to write the childs’ name and a short message on a small narrow piece of paper and slip it in the top. My girls have made these for their teachers for Valentine’s Day and I have also had my Pre-K children make them for parent gifts.

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