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Welcome new students to your class with this take-home classmate book idea




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Who is in My Class ?

By – Betty Klein

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Grade Level – K-2

Welcome new students to your classroom by writing and publishing a take home book just for them. The new student is responsible for decorating the construction paper book cover that has been titled,

Who is in My Class?

Under the title write “

by __________

” (teacher’s class name and grade level). Each student in the classroom is given an eight by ten inch sheet of paper to draw and color their self-portrait on. Students then print their first and last name below their picture. The teacher then collects a page from each student. Students then help the teacher arrange classmate pages in alphabetical order according to first names. The teacher then binds the cover and pages together to create a classroom book. Students enjoy coming to the circle and listening to their book being read. At the end of the day, the new students are given the book to take home and share with their parents.


Betty Klein


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