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Here students draw a picture of a world with trust and a world without it




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Title – Trusting Daily
By – Mildred Melendez-Hernandez
Primary Subject – Other
Grade Level – 6-9


    Students discuss how trust plays a role in their lives all day, every day, and draw a picture of a world with trust and a world without it.


  • blank white paper (one sheet for each student)
  • crayons or markers


      Ask students, “What do you think it means to trust someone?” Prompt them to think of all the times they trust someone in a typical day. For example, they trust that:

      • Their parents will wake them on time in the morning.
      • No one will run a red light on the way to school.
      • The teacher will tell them correct facts.
      • Their friends will play games by the rules.
      • No one will take the papers from their desk when they go to the bathroom.
      • The cook in a restaurant will prepare food cleanly.


      Then ask children to notice how many ways other people trust them. For example:

      • Their parents trust them to eat the lunch they packed, or to buy nutritious food at the cafeteria.
      • Their parents trust them to clean their rooms if told.
      • Their teacher trusts them to return art supplies in good condition.
      • Their teacher trusts them to deliver a message to the office without goofing around on the way.
      • Their friends trust them to keep secrets.


      Next, say, “Imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t trust people.” Walk them through a typical day, as before, this time asking, “What if you couldn’t trust them to do what they are supposed to? “
      Have students draw a picture of a world where everyone is trustworthy, and next to that, draw a picture of a world where no one is trustworthy. Have children discuss their pictures – why they chose what they did.
    Display the artwork on a bulletin board entitled, “Trust Means the World to Us.”

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