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Here are three more spatial awareness activities


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2  



Title – Space Awareness
By – Chris Robey
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-2

Warm Up Activity:

      Teacher will D&D; as follows:


    Students will find a spot inside the designated area in their own personal space. When the teacher says “go,” the students will walk, skip, or hop according to what teacher says. Throughout this activity, the teacher also calls out “FREEZE” and “MELT” to check students’ understanding of the rules and personal space.

Activity 1:

      Dodging in general space:


      The teacher will divide students into two groups by counting 1, 2, 1, 2, and so on. After teacher is finished counting, all of the number one’s will go to one end and the number two’s will go to the other. On the teacher’s command, the students will try to (walk, skip, hop) from one end to the other without bumping into any other students and always staying in their own personal space.

Activity 2:

      The teacher will D & D as follows:


      All students start in a self space holding three fingers, (which signify points). The teacher will select one or two taggers. When the teacher says “go”, the taggers will attempt to tag the rest of the class. If a student is tagged, bumps into another student, falls down, or goes outside of the boundaries, then the student loses a point (finger). When each student loses all three fingers (points), they become a helper tree. Helper trees are frozen on the spot, but can still move their arms (branches) to help tag.
      If another student is touched by a helper tree, that student loses a point, so, as the game progresses, the difficulty increases and students must watch for the taggers AND they must be aware of the helper trees.
      The students must be honest about when they fall, get bumped, or are tagged and they are responsible for keeping up with this. As the students gain skill and knowledge, the use of strategies can be introduced, i.e., how can a tagger use the helper trees most effectively?
      Each game will last about 2-4 min, at which a new game will be started and new taggers will be selected.

Activity 3:

      The teacher will D&D; as follows:


      All students will start in their own personal space. Teacher will select two students to be taggers. When the “go” signal is given (Ready, Set, Go), the two students with the pinnies on will try and tag the others. If the student is tagged, the student must do 3 jumping jacks to be un-frozen. Will do 2-3 times with different taggers each time.
      The students must be careful not to bump into each and always stay in their own personal space.
      Each game will last 1-2 minutes at which time new taggers will be selected.

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