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Jingle Bell Basketball and Get the Candy Cane are just two of these holiday PE ideas


P.E. & Health  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Winter Stations
By – Chrissy
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 3-5

Cones, Basketballs, Scooters, Bean Bags, Yarn Balls (or other type of small soft balls), Large plastic Candy Cane decorations (lawn decorations that cost about $1 each), bells (holiday decorations), hula hoops, empty 2 liter bottles, Christmas stockings, jump ropes, holiday music.

This activity consists of 4 stations:

Get the Candy Cane – Set up empty 2 liter bottles inside of a hula hoop. Put a cone inside the hoop, behind the bottles. In the cone, place a large candy cane lawn decoration. Set up a cone about 7-10 feet from the hula hoop. Students take turn with a partner to use the underhand throw to try and knock down the empty bottles.

What is in Your Stocking – Set up 2 cones about 5-7 feet apart. One student stands at a cone and holds a Christmas stocking. The other student is at the other cone and has a bean bag. Students use the underhand throw to toss the bean bag and the partners try to catch the bean bag in the stocking. After 5 attempts the partners switch places.

Jingle Bell Basketball – Attach little bows with bells on them (usually you can buy them in packages of 6) to the basketball net. Set up cones so that students can work with a partner. Students take turns dribbling the ball and taking a shot- you may set up cones for them to dribble around first. The bells jingle when a student makes a basket!

Candy Cane Lane – Make lanes with jump ropes (my jump ropes are red and white) and place a cone at each end of the lane. In the cone at the far end of the lane place a large candy cane lawn decoration. Students use scooters to travel down the lane, pick up the candy cane and bring it to the beginning. the next person can put the candy cane back.

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