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Art, P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Tobacco/Smoking

By – Kay Chaiseree

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Secondary Subjects – Art

Grade Level – K-3

Objectives: The student will be able to:

1. Recall the detrimental effects of smoking

2. Role play a peer pressure situation of smoking


1. Hold up a smoking advertisement and ask students what the advertisement tells us
about smoking-Does it make it look like it’s cool? Is it telling us that you will have big
muscles when you smoke?

Lesson Presentation:

1. Ask students what smoking really does to you.

2. Ask if the smoking advertisement is truthful or misleading. Would a smoker look like
this? What would a real smoker look like?

3. It is misleading because…(list on board)

*tobacco can raise blood pressure and make a heart beat faster

*gives people bad breath-not cool

*makes it more difficult to run so playing sports is harder-big muscles on advertisement is
definitely misleading

*It’s more difficult for blood to move around so you can’t think as quickly. Plus, kids
who smoke are more likely to get in trouble or make lower grades.

*can cause lung cancer or emphysema

*cigarettes are expensive. One pack costs $3. Calculate for a year. Ask students if the annual cost for cigarettes is worth all the detriments listed on board.

*kids who smoke are more likely to do marijuana or cocaine, or become drinkers-this is
definitely not healthy

*smoker’s cough

4. Ask students if they can list other detriments.

5. Pass out paper bags and crayons. Assign partners. They will make a puppet out of the
paper bag, and one person will be the peer pressure and make the other person, using the
puppet, tell him no. He must list reasons why he needs to say no, which would be the
detriments discussed earlier. Switch roles.

Closure: Review some of the detriments without them being written on board.

Evaluation: Puppet role playing


Kay Chaiseree


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