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Badminton King of the Ring


P.E. & Health  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Badminton – King of the Ring
By – Gene Darling
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 9-12

National Standard: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
NJ Core Curriculum Standard: 2.5

I. Performance Objectives

      A. Psychomotor – BTEOL SWBAT serve the birdie over the net several times, underhand, trying not to hit the birdie directly to the opponent, using the cues, while being evaluated by the teacher.
    B. Cognitive — BTEOL SWBAT show knowledge about the rules and strategies of the proper technique of the underhand serve over the net. Ss will be evaluated at the end of the lesson by taking a quiz which 80% of the class needs to pass.

II. Materials and Equipment

      A. Racket
      B. Shuttle cocks
      C. Nets
      D. Poles
    E. Hula hoops

III. Differing Abilities

    A. The class does not have any students with differing abilities

IV. Procedure

      A. Dressing (M 5)
      B. Roll call announcements (M 2)
      C. Warm-ups (Ss will get into 5 lines of 5 along sideline)

        1. Stretch – legs, arms
        2. Jumping Jacks
        3. Push-ups
        4. Sit-ups
        5. Lines (5 groups of 5)

          High knees, butt kicks, carry-overs, and band leaders.
          (Ask students stop, look, & listen, ask ss to walk to middle of floor and have a seat)
      D. Review

        1. Skill — Serve

          a. Very crucial starts every point.

        2. Activity — Practice with a partner serving underhand over the net.

          a. Cues: flat paddle — give more surface area, better chance
          b. Cues: watch ball — eye on ball better efficiency
          c. Cues: reach to sky — follow through

        3. Practice — Ss will perform activity (get rackets when asked & 1 shuttlecock)

          a. Split class into pairs
          b. Place students on court
          c. Explain serve must cross court on diagonal
          d. Hit birdie to partner, partner catch birdie
          e. Partner then serves

        4. Formations — Ss will be placed on court facing their partner diagonally.

        5. Transition

          a. Take each court and place the 4 players in line
          b. Ask 2 students to help set hula-hoops in point areas
          c. Have students place rackets at feet
          d. Have students stop, look, & listen
      E. New Skill (Ss will stay in new lines of 4) (A 15)
      (wait until told by teacher to go to court)

        1. Introduction

          a. Serving starts the volley
          b. Very good time to use strategy in a game alternating distances keeping opponent off guard.

        2. Explanation (Serving Game)

          a. Cues: flat paddle — give more surface area, better chance
          b. Cues: watch ball — eye on ball better efficiency
          c. Cues: reach to sky — follow through
          d. Cues: visualize power — different distances call for different powers

        3. Activity (Serving Game)

          a. Class will be broken up into teams of 4 and will have hula-hoops set up with a point system of 5, 10, and 15 points.
          b. Each team member will get on shot for points
          c. Team must add up total points and the team with the most points wins.
          d. Team members must stay in serving area
          e. Last member in line goes to other side and receives birdie
          f. Server goes to other side and is next to receive birdie

        4. Formations

          a. One person serving to either a short corner (5 pts), middle (10 pts), or long corner (15 pts).
          b. Last person receives birdie and returns to line.

        5. Transition

          a. Stop, look, & listen
          b. When whistle is blown, a score will be asked
          c. Stop and go command on whistle
          d. Listen for directions from teacher
      F. Strategy

        1. It is important to move quickly for maximum number of serve opportunity (Also being safe, watching for others at all times)
        2. Also important to concentrate on accuracy, missed are no points
      G. Rules

        1. Teams will not start until whistle blows.
        2. One birdie at a time can be hit.
        3. Clock will start and stop on whistle and teams will continue to score points as fast as they can.
      H. Game situation (A 12)

        1. King of the Ring (Teams will be set in pairs and sent to courts)

          a. Each team will have 2 players and will try to get to King’s Court and stay there until the end of the time remaining.
          b. The team at the end that is on the court wins.
          c. Each court will rotate in a z when they win 3 points.
          d. If your team loses you go to the end of the line and have to work back up to the king’s court.
      I. Assessment/Evaluation

        Psychomotor – During the serving game in the lesson, Ss will be evaluated by the teacher on how well they demonstrated serving the birdie underhand, over the net, and away from opponents in succession.
        Cognitive – At the end of class during closure, students should be able to show their knowledge of the serving rules, and strategies by taking an assessment quiz which 80% of the class must pass before moving on to next skill.
      (Class should gather rackets. One person will collect all birdies and class should gather in center of court for closure. One student will proceed to pass out the quiz and collect them when everyone finishes.)

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