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Balloon Lesson Plan


P.E. & Health  



Title – Balloon Lesson plan
By – Jazmine Parks
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 2


Before Class


  • TSW practice hand and eye coordination while working in different sized groups.
  • TSW practice balance and posture while moving at different speeds.


Blow up balloons, make sure that the gym is empty of all equipment that the student might run into, or what the balloons might pop on.

Materials: balloons, one for each student, depending on the size of the class, beanbags (for warm-up).

During Class


The students will play a game of “Enchanted Castle.” The rules: every student is a prince or princess, with a “crown,” (the beanbag). The students are to move around the playing area in different ways while balancing the beanbag on their head. If their “crown” falls off their head, the student is frozen until another student helps them by placing the beanbag back on their head (5 min).

Skill Development:

The students will put the beanbags away in a box near the supply room, and the balloons will be brought out. The students will be asked to keep the balloons in the air for as long as possible The students should be separated to avoid accidents. (Variation: add a penny or drops or water to each balloon so that they drop faster. Beach balls could also be used instead of balloons)


Have the students line up to get ready for lunch (walking only), the classroom leader will hold the door open for the rest of class

After Class


Evaluation will be based on participation and group work.

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