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This lesson introduces the freeze-melt-go protocols and the students as well


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Protocols
By – Lemeil Norman
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-2

This lesson contains the protocols that should be used in a typical physical education class, i.e. go, freeze and melt. “Go” obviously means to start the activity, “Freeze” means that we stop where we are hands to the side, and focus all attention on the teacher, “Melt” means that we sit down with our legs folded pretzel style.

Rationale: Standard(s):

      State 1a, 2a, 2b.

    National 2,4,5.

Objectives: After the teacher D&D; (demonstrates), the students will: (have an objective for each of the 4 domains)

      1. Students will demonstrate appropriate social behavior while participating in each activity

      Cues/Learnable Piece(s)

      A) compassion

      B) sharing
      2. Students will learn the different protocols of the class

      Cues/Learnable Piece(s)

      A) Go

    B) Freeze

Objective Evaluation(s) (Assessment Statement): Students will be assessed on their behavior while in the physical activity setting through a teacher observation

1.  (  )Portfolio
2.  (  ) Project
3.  (  ) Homework
4.  (X) Checklist/Rubric
5.  (  ) Peer Observation
6.  (  ) Poster Creation/Game creation
7.  (  ) Game observation/Rubric focus   
8.  (  ) Journal Writing
9.  (  ) Written exam
10.(  ) Self Evaluation
11.(  )Video Presentation/Evaluation
12.(  ) Other T observation

Materials/Equipment: cones, rule poster

EPISODE 1: Introduction

Time/Focus (MIA): 1 min (M), 2-3 min (I), 1 min (I), 1-2 min (I), 2-3 min (I)

T/SS Activity Task Description /D&D;/Safety
Tie old lesson with new/Warm-up/Sell the skill

Ss (students) sit in semi-circle facing T (teacher).

Introduce myself to class – My name is Mr. Norman, can every one say Mr. Norman, repeat (2 or 3 Times).

Teacher expectations/rules of the Gym:

  • Safety – No sliding, no running into each other, no hitting each other with equipment.
  • I expect everyone to cooperate and behave, and no one should be talking while teacher is talking.
  • Go over Poster board Rules: A, B, C, D
    A –    A ct safely
    B –    B e prepared and be positive
    C –    C ooperate
    D –    D o your best
    Have fun — work hard and learn

Cues Formation/Diagram Evaluation:
Semi-Circle, T Observe. EPISODE II: Lesson Focus

Time/ Focus (MIA): 1-2 min (A), 1-2 min (A), 1-2 min (A), 1-2 min (A), 1-2 min (A), 3-4 min (I)

T/SS Activity Task Description/D&D;/Safety
New Lesson

Introduce Protocols – today we are going to work on protocols of the class. Now what I mean by that is when I say a word there are certain things that we should be doing at the sound of that word. The first word is “Go”, Question – can anyone tell me what they think it means when I say “go”. “Go” means that you can begin the movement of the activity. The next word is “Freeze” – can anyone tell me what they think it means when I say “freeze”. “Freeze” means to stop what you are doing, put equipment down at your side and focus on teacher.

Drill #1 – T will d&d; – go and freeze.
First I want everyone to stand up spread out, and when I say go I want everyone to jog in place, when I say “freeze”, stop look and listen

Drill #2 – same concept, this time I want students to jump up and down, when I say “go” and stop when I say “freeze”

Drill #3 – Have students do jumping jacks in place on the go command, and freeze on the freeze command.

Drill #4 – Have students walk in a circle on go and stop on “freeze”.


Cues Formation/Diagram/Evaluation:

Go, Freeze, Go, Freeze, Semi-Circle, T-Observation on behavior
EPISODE III: Culminating Activity/Cool Down/Assessment/Closure

Time/ Focus (MIA): 1-2 min (I), 5-7 min (A)

T/SS Activity Task Description/D&D;/Assessment/Wrap-up/Future lessons

Exercising your Name Game:

Explanation of the rules

    Have all students stand in a circle, including the teacher. The first student to the right of the teacher says his/her first name, then does an exercise or a stretch. The next student must say the first persons name, do that persons exercise, then say his/her own name and do his/her own exercise. The third person must say both of the first two persons names, do their exercises then his/her own etc… Then the last person is the teacher who must go around the circle, starting with the first person, and say each student’s name plus do their exercise. The next day, I have always remembered all of the student’s names. It’s a lot of fun for the teacher and the students.

Modifications – they can pick between a jumping jack, or stretching (I.E. touch toes bring arm behind head)

Cues Formation/ Diagram/Evaluation

Go, Freeze, Names, Semi Circle, T observation on behavior

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