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Students write their names with their feet in this name-learning activity


P.E. & Health  


PreK, K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Learning Names
By – Kyle Bostic
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – Pre-K-3
Objectives: After the Teacher D&D;, the Students Will:

      1. Psychomotor: The students will be able to demonstrate that they can stay within boundaries that were established by the teacher while moving through out the gym. The students will be assessed based on the number of times they go outside of the established boundary.
      2. Cognitive: The students will be introduced to the rules of P.E. class. They will be expected to follow these rules through out the class. The students will also be asked to recognize the colors they are wearing and respond to the teacher appropriately when she calls each color out
      3. Affective: The teacher will ask for the students to give 100% of their participationfull effort and encouragement to others during the class period.
    4. Social: Students will cooperate with peers in a positive manner and show respect towards others. This will be based upon the students’ ability to give feedback to their peers in a positive manner, and their ability to stay positive on their own throughout the class period.

Types of Authentic Assessment Used:

      1.    (   ) Portfolio

      2.    (   ) Project

      3.    (   ) Homework

      4.    (X) Checklist/Rubric

      5.    (   ) Peer Observation

      6.    (   ) Poster Creation/Game creation

      7.    (   ) Game observation/Rubric focus

      8.    (   ) Journal Writing

      9.    (   ) Written exam

      10.  (X) Self Evaluation

      11.  (   ) Video Presentation/Evaluation

    12.  (   ) Other ________________

EPISODE 1: Introduction

Bring students into the gymnasium on my command in 2 lines and have them sit on the end line

Teacher will introduce himself and then begin to go over the rules for the gymnasium

Warm Up Activity

Explanation of Activity: Teacher will D&D;
Students will find a spot inside the designated area in their own personal space. As I call out a color, they will come up to me on a line and tell me their name. Through out this activity, I will also call out FREEZE and MELT to check students understanding of the rules.

EPISODE II: Lesson Focus

Students are going to write their name in the floor using their feet. They can walk or skip based on what teacher says. They are to come and say their name to the teacher one at a time as they finish. Then they will go back and try it again but differently (Bigger, Smaller). The teacher will decide when this activity is finished on his command and the students will freeze and melt.

EPISODE III: Culminating Activity/Cool

The teacher will D&D; as follows: All students will start in their own personal space. Teacher will select two students to be taggers. When the go signal is given (Ready, Set, Go), the two students with the pinnies on will try and tag the others. If the student is tagged, the student most come to the teacher and tell me hisher name to be un-frozen. Will do this 2-3 times with different taggers each time.

The students must be careful not to bump into each and always staying in their own personal space.

Each game will last 2-3 minutes at which time new taggers will be selected.

Have students sit down and discuss boundaries, rules, and protocol to check for complete understanding.

Students will then line up at the door according to their gender.

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