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“Camels and Crabs” is a muscular strength and endurance activity


P.E. & Health  


4, 5  

Title – Camels and Crabs

By – Katelyn Nicolosi

Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education

Grade Level – 4-5


    Muscular Strength and Endurance


    Set up a distance of 15-30 feet (depending on age, physical capability, and how far students can go) with buckets on both ends. The students start on one end, where the buckets have various objects in them like beanbags, balls, hacky-sacks, etc. The students have to place the object on their back (like a camel’s hump), get into push up position, and “walk” across the gym in this position until they get to the other side and can put the object into the bucket. They can run back to the other side to start again. If the student drops the object, they have to pick it up where they are and keep going. They cannot move forward without balancing the object.


    Different ball sizes make it more difficult. You can start with beanbags to make it easier, or give the students bigger, rounder balls so that they have to maintain even better form to prevent them from falling off their back. You could also have them do this in the crab walking position.


Katelyn Nicolosi


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