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“Capture the Lion” is a team tag game using running, skipping, walking, seeking and capturing skills


P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – “Capture the Lion”
By – Jenna Bauberger
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-5

I. Performance Objectives:

      A. Psychomotor: At the end of the Capture the Lion lesson, students should be able to perform various forms of locomotion including, for example, the skills of running, skipping, and walking. The students will also be able to perform the skills of seeking and capturing while avoiding being tagged. This will be assessed by the Quick Reference Plan Book Key.
    B. Affective: At the end of the lesson, students should gain an appreciation for the social skill of working with others to free captured teammates and a lion and be able to reflect on how they feel about their teamwork and their own performance.

II. Material or Equipment:

      A. Lesson plan

      B. Whistle

      C. 2 Stuffed Lions

      D. Cones

    E. Pinnies

III. Procedure:

      A. Instant Activity:

        In hall announce: When we walk into the gym today, we are going to play a quick game of Freeze Tag. The last person in this line is “It,” who we call “The Lion”. As soon as you enter the gym, begin moving around to get away from the “The Lion”. “The Lion” will run around trying to tag everyone. When you get tagged you must freeze and stop where you are. The only way to free a tagged person is for two people to join hands around the tagged, frozen person and circle them twice. In order to completely free the tagged person, the students circling must make the sound that a lion makes. What sound would that be? (Roar) Remember to FREEZE when you hear the whistle. Does everyone understand?

      B. Attendance/sneaker and safety check/medical notes
      C. Introduction:

        1. Hook: Did everyone enjoy that game of Freeze Tag? What happened when the lion tagged you? What did you classmates have to do to help free you? Today we are going to play “Capture the Lion”. This game is similar to the freeze tag game that we just played, but we will be outside on the big field! We will be focusing on good teamwork and sportsmanship, because that is what is most important in physical education!
        2. Review: What was the last thing we did before break? (egg hunt) When we were outside doing the egg hunt, what were we trying to do? (finding, teamwork, safety)
        3. Today: “Capture the Lion”
        4. Safety:

          a. outside-stay in sight of teachers-no roads

          b. 2 hand touch-no pushing or shoving

          c. be aware of others

        5. Whistle: When I blow the whistle once: FREEZE and face me
      D. Activity:

        1. Explain:

          a. break class into 2 equal teams (blue and gold team)

          b. game played on field divided into 2 sides

          c. blue team offense tries to capture gold side’s lion and vice versa

          d. blue team defense tries to tag gold team’s offense using 2 hand touch and a “Roar”, and vice versa

          e. tagged students go into opposite team’s “lion’s den”

          f. only way to free teammates from den-3 teammates to form ring (holding hands) around captured teammate and walk them back to side while roaring.

          g. first team to capture lion and bring it back to their side wins game

          h. student holding lion can still be tagged and must go to “lions den”

          i. we will play running, then walking, then skipping

          j. REMINDER: don’t forget offense and defense!

        2. Skill:

          a. tagging

          b. avoiding

          c. running, walking, skipping

          d. capturing

          e. teamwork

      E. Challenge:

        1. running only

        2. walking only

        3. skipping only

      F. Transition:

        1. Give pinnies to each team

        2. Walk outside in line with team

        3. Gold to one side, Blue to other

        4. Begin game on whistle blow

      G. Transition: Whistle upon capturing lion
      H. Closure:

        1. Great job today! Everyone followed directions

        2. Shake 2 people’s hands from opposing team

        3. What did we practice today?

        4. You have shown good teamwork and are ready for Field Day! 5. Thank you for participating. Have a great week!

      I. Assessment/Evaluation:

        1. Students will be assessed according to the Quick Reference Plan Book Key

      2. Students who display excellent behavior will be rewarded

V. Evaluation

      1. Did I follow lesson plan successfully?

      2. Did I successfully adjust to needs of students?

      3. Did I address safety issues and other issues as they occurred?

      4. Did I have control of the class at all times?

      5. Did the students have fun?

    6. Did I clearly explain the objectives of the class?

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