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Here students work on dribbling skills while dancing the cha-cha slide


P.E. & Health  


3, 4, 5  


Title – Cha-Cha Dribble
By – Robert Buskett
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 3-5

Name of activity: Cha-Cha Dribble

Purpose of activity: students will work on dribbling skills while following directions and also listening to music

Materials Needed: CD of the Cha-Cha Slide, one basketball

Activity: Students will dance the Cha-Cha slide according to its directions and add the dribble of the basketball with the number of “stomps” and right or left as prompted upon cue. For example:

Right foot, two stomps

      ” = right foot two stomps and right hand two dribbles.


How low can you go?

      ” = How low can you dribble?



      ” = alternate right hand/left hand dribble.


Everybody clap your hands

    ” = bounce and clap before catching the ball.

Students can assess one another by checking if each one is properly following directions according to the music.

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