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Lifetime healthy choice topics are presented in this research project


Computers & Internet, P.E. & Health  


9, 10, 11, 12  


Title – Lifetime Health and Fitness Project
By – Ted Tyburczy
Primary Subject – Health / Physical Education
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 9-12

Topic of Lesson

The lesson will need to be done at your school’s computer lab. The students are going to be in groups of 4 and are going to explore the internet about diets, physical fitness and effects of being overweight, cooking healthy and life time activities, and effects of drugs/alcohol/tobacco. Each student will choose their topic in their groups. They will search the internet about the topics for a class period with absolutely no help at all. Then you will give them some guidance about different topics and some appropriate web sites about the topics. The student will make a project and give a 20-minute presentation per group at the end of the week.


The first objective is to get the children thinking and to see how well the children can produce information without any real instruction. It’s good to see the exploration skills that the children have. Usually in physical education, the task is set right out for you, but in this assignment, the students really have to use their brains to find information and present it.

The second objective is for the students to really learn how important it is to be healthy and live a healthy life style. They find out for themselves first hand how to become a healthy individual and maybe even get their families into the health kick also. It is really hard for someone to be healthy when your family is sitting there stuffing their faces with twinkies. Hopefully showing them the side effects of being overweight will scare enough sense into them so that they can live longer healthier lives.

The third objective is to get the students to find activities that they can have fun doing and are healthy for them for their lifetime. This is important because you can’t really play soccer you whole life, but tennis and running you can do for a long time. It is important to get the kids into these kinds of activities. The students will also have to plan a diet and work out regimen so this will get them to understand how to change their bad habits and get healthy.


The first thing you are going to do is talk to you computer lab director and find an open week when you can take your class. Once you have that all taken care of, you need to break the students up into the groups of 4. You can do this in any way you wish. Once the students are in their groups, you assign the project. At first just give them the 4 basic topics of diets, physical fitness and effects of being overweight, cooking healthy and life time activities, and effects of drugs/alcohol/tobacco. Have the groups assign one of the topics to each student. Tell them to then search the internet for any information they feel is relevant to their selected topic. That is day one. The next day you see what the different groups have found and then tell them their specific assignment. The project is that you will take an overweight inactive individual and you want to change his ways. The students that chose the diet portion need to find the recommended daily values for carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Once they find this information they need to plan out a balanced diet for a week using an obese individual who is looking to lose weight at the rate of 1 pound a week. They will have to find the nutrition facts for the foods and show the content fat, carbohydrates, and protein for each of the meals.

The students doing the portion of the project dealing with the life time activities have to find 5 activities and show how they can do these activities at advanced age levels and how they will keep you fit. Then they need to find 10 healthy recipes and explain why each one is healthy. Then they must take 2 of their favorite foods and find ways to turn them into healthy foods.

The student doing the physical fitness portion needs to create a month long workout routine that involves the entire body and cardiovascular endurance. They should make it so the obese individual is in the gym for 1 hour Monday — Friday. Then they need to find 5 negative effects of being obese and what will happen if it is left untreated.
Then the last student is dealing with drugs alcohol and tobacco. They will have to choose 3 illegal drugs and show the negative consequences and what it does to the body over an extended period of time. Then they must find 4 negative health concerns that are caused by each alcohol and tobacco.

The student will have 3-4 class periods in the computer labs to do the research and for the group to put together a presentation. Then once you get back into the classroom the groups have to present their findings in a 20-minute power point presentation. The groups should discuss and cover all four of the topics and each student has to present his portion of the project. Then to get the families into getting healthier, you take all of the recipes from the groups and make a cookbook for the students to take home and give to their families.

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